24th Sep2011

Faust Street Detroit “SOLD”

by Global

1945 Built Colonial 3 bedroom brick bungalow with detached garage and 1 ½ bathrooms.
808 Sq ft plus basement.
Good neighbourhood.
$32,500 (£20,312.00 approx*) inclusive plus UWC fee.
Gross yield 30.46%.
17% net yield per annum**.
S8 Tenanted at $825.00 per month ($9,900 per annum) – immediate cashflow.
Property tax (summer & winter): $2,726 per annum.
Quality, Trusted and accountable property management.
2 year guarantee advisory and support service.
Turn-key investment opportunity.

* Based on the exchange rate of US $ to GBP of $1.60 to £1.00 which may be higher or lower at the time of transaction.
* Excludes routine maintenance and income tax.

State Equalized Value $63,540

Additional info:
Tenant keeps home very clean
Sold in 2004 for $123,000
New furnace installed

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