23rd Nov2012

Find A Property UK

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Find A Property UK

Buying a new home or adding to your property portfolio is a significant investment, whether it be a city apartment, town house, country home, equestrian property, farm or an estate.

Find a property UK was set up to help you to find and source your next property in the UK and Detroit. Find a property UK act solely on your behalf and can help to remove the stress of a move by providing independent and extensive local advice and support on all aspects of relocation from property searches, negotiation, time saving and managing the whole buying process in some instances.

Find a Property UK also offer ‘off the shelf’ or ‘ready to go’ investment properties in Detroit.

We help investors looking for a property that needs no maintenance or repair – nothing at all. Quite often these will be fully refurbished and already tenanted to long term tenants on a lease. The property will give the investor cash flow from day one and will be immediately managed exclusively by our Property Management team.

Please Contact Find a property UK by visiting our contact us page.

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