23rd Nov2012

Investment In

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Investment In

Investment in high cash flow property and reap gross yields of up to 32% from a pre-tenanted property with government-backed rentals. Three-bedroom detached houses are available for under £25,000.

You have probably guessed that these deals are not available in the UK. You are right. For such high yields and low purchase prices, look to the Detroit USA.

The precarious economic climate in the United States has resulted in a high number of repossessions (foreclosures) which has, in turn, led to some fantastic opportunities for overseas investors investing in properties up to 70% below their peak value!

Purchasing a renovated property with a tenant in place enables income to be earned from the date of closing. Many of these rental properties are backed by a government scheme that aims to provide safe and clean housing to working families affected by the economic downturn.

Detroit continues to be a firm favourite with serious investors from all over the world who are looking for investment in exceptional yield-based cash investments, due to growths in the automotive business and investment through President Obama’s $6.7 billion American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.

Due to the low cost of housing and high demand from tenants, owners can achieve high gross yields of 25% – 32%. With the property fully managed and refurbished on your behalf, this is a low-hassle investment opportunity that can be just as easy as investing in the UK.

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